Victor Weigman-Brownstone Creek Lodge

My family and I went to the Brownstone Creek Lodge to do a family
celebration of my fiance's and I's engagement. We had 12 of us there
from both sides of the family and everyone had a warm, comfortable place
to sleep. It was overall an incredibly enjoyable time and the cabin was
absolutely perfect. We used every part of it that we could and the kids
loved the hot-tub and the nice TV (to play Wii). The cabin was well
insulated and no one ever felt a draft and the huge porch was a big hit
with the adults to sit and catch up. Plus, the 20min drive to ASU was
even better as we could walk around and shop and reminisce (my brother
went there). I dont think the weekend could have been any better from
you guys' end. We will definitely be back and the price was right!
Thank you all so much!

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