Preparing Properties For Cold Weather

Checklist to Winterize Your Home in the NC High Country

*Clean the gutters - Clear out any debris or leaves. Install downspout extenders as needed to direct water flow away from the house. 

*Insulate pipes/plumbing - Insulate pipes that are susceptible to freezing.  If you are away from the home for an extended time:  leave the heat on & you may want to leave a small stream of water flowing from a faucet to ensure pipes don’t freeze and burst. 

*Seal any cracks - Re-caulk (or use weather stripping) any cracks around doors & windows to prevent drafts. 

*Maintain heating systems - Furnaces, fireplaces & chimneys should all be checked routinely at least once a year. 

*Check all detectors - This is a routine task that you should be doing monthly. 

*Tend to the trees - Trim all trees in your yard and remove any dead branches before the snow arrives.  

*Stow the hose away Winterize your garden hose and any outdoor spigots. Drain the hose and store it away. Drain, turn off and then insulate outdoor pipes to prevent freezing. 

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