Our Heritage Is Strong

Perhaps you've been to the two 100-year-old Churches of the Frescoes

here in Ashe County - St Mary's Church, where Ben Long painted one of his

more famous frescoes: "The Mystery of Faith"; and to the Holy Trinity Church

in Glendale Springs, where Long painted his other masterpiece: "The Last Supper",

utilizing local residents as models. Either is more than worthy

of a visit to Ashe County.

But did you know that Ashe County was once home to vast herds of buffalo

and Indians, who passed through on their way to and from the coast and

into the bluegrass of Tennessee and Kentucky?

They went up and around Bald Mountain, following the path now known

as Buffalo Road, which later became a wagon trail and stagecoach path.

Cherokee Indians also dwelled as hunters in many other areas of the county,

before the Virginia Creeper Railroad came through in the early 1900s, bringing

with it logging crews to harvest the vast hardwood forests that grew in the region.

Early settlers of Scotch, Irish and German stock made their way here from the

North Carolina coast and other points on the Eastern seaboard and staked their

claim to vast mountain valleys that still bear their names on road signs

throughout the county.

Ashe County has contributed many soldiers to both the Civil War and to the

many wars since that time, fighting and serving proudly.

And, when it comes to friendliness and down-home courtesy, no region beats

Ashe County, where residents still wave on a dirt road as you drive by, and

pull over and park when a funeral procession passes.

From the mid-1700s, when Ashe County was settled by a few hardy pioneers,

to the present, when more than 25,000 residents call it home, you'll not find a

friendlier and more close-knit community to be part of, or grow up in, or retire

to. We guarantee it!

Article by Ashe Chamber. To find out more information on Ashe County visit: www.ashechamber.com

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