Mount Jefferson Downhill Skateboarding Event - July 27-28, 2019

Mount Jefferson Downhill Skateboarding Event

Mount Jefferson will be hosting its 5th annual Downhill Race on Sat. July 27 & Sun. July 28. The race consists of high speed skateboarding down Mount Jefferson as well as street luge events. The park road will be closed to personal vehicles both days, however, transportation from the old Lowe’s parking lot to the picnic shelter atop Mount Jefferson will be provided. The meeting location for this transportation will be the old Lowe’s Food parking lot at the base of Mount Jefferson. Bleacher seating, food trucks, bathrooms, vendors, and entertainment will be on the hill. All trails will be open to the public, so come out and enjoy your mountain and watch some high speed skateboarding! For questions or further information please call (336) 246-9653  

4 Seasons offers New River & Mountain cabin rental accommodations for this event in the West Jefferson, NC area. Call (336) 246-2700 for more info.

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