Farmers market planned in Lansing

An open air farmers market is being planned for Lansing beginning this spring. The market is expected to open May 3 and operate from 1-6 p.m. on Thursdays through Sept. 13.

The market area will be located behind the fire department under a big tent. There will be room to park about 30 trucks: first come first parked. The market will be open only to agricultural vendors, such as producers of vegetables, meats, cheese, jams, jellies, bedding plants, ornamental, etc., and welcomes vendors from Ashe and surrounding counties.

All animals must be leashed according to Lansing town ordinance.

All farmers/producers interested should contact Ann Rose at 336-977-2535.

Lansing Farmers Market Policies and Procedures

(Created Jan. 17, 2012)


The Lansing Farmers Market is a sub-committee of Greater Lansing Area Development (GLAD) 501?3 nonprofit corporation. Membership is made up of farmers residing in Ashe, Watauga, Wilkes, Alleghany, Johnson, and Grayson counties. Vendors/ producers are limited to selling self-grown and produced agricultural products only. There is no limit on the number of members.

Misleading or dishonest practices are not permitted. Complaints to GLAD Board must be submitted in writing and will be investigated and appropriate action taken. Membership can be terminated by majority vote of the GLAD Board for good cause and after giving the affected member an opportunity to be heard.


No products can be sold at Lansing Farmers? Market event except by a member whose vendor registration application lists those products, and the application has been accepted by the GLAD Board. Application for registration includes completing a Producer Certification Form, and must be accompanied by payment of annual dues and applicable space reservation fees. Producer Certification Forms are available at or at Market Events.


Dues are set for each calendar year by the GLAD board of directors. (For 2012 the amount is $25 plus $5 a day.) Market is 20 weeks long; first weekend in May through second week in September. Membership dues must be paid in advance of any market sales, and are not prorated.

The fee per calendar year for each 10-foot wide space is $125 per season.

Sharing the cost and use of a single space is limited to two members. Uniform signs for vendors are encouraged but not required.


Vendor spaces will be available on a first come first serve basis for 2012.

Lansing Farmers Market is a Leave No Trace Event. Each space must be cleaned at the end of each market day by the vendor (or their designee) assigned to that space.


Hours for regular season events are Thursdays from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m.


Offering samples to the public of farm produce is encouraged. It is permitted if the vendor complies with these rules:

(1) Samples must be prepared using sanitary methods, including washing of whole produce before cutting into samples while using clean cutting utensils and cutting surfaces and wearing clean plastic gloves when cutting.

(2) Convenience items such as toothpicks and napkins must be supplied as needed.

(3) Samples must be kept in clean and covered containers.

(4) Appropriate waste disposal containers must be provided.

(5) Samples must be free, and not associated with any appeal for contributions or donations.

(6) Meat samples must have been prepared in an inspected kitchen. Cheese samples must be from a USDA certified cheese producer.


Public support is essential to the success of the Lansing Farmers Market, and each vendor represents the group. Respect for others includes appropriate dress and avoiding controversial messages, such as political statements on merchandise, displays or T-shirts.

Complaints from vendors or the public are to be presented immediately to the Market Manager, who will handle them in accordance with policies set by the GLAD board of directors.

Accidental injuries are to be reported immediately to the Market Manager, or in the absence of the Market Manager to the GLAD President, or in the absence of both to any elected GLAD officer.

Written reports are required, as some must be reported to the GLAD insurance carrier.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages at market events is strictly prohibited.

There will be no communications or agreements among members to raise, lower or fix prices for items sold at the market.


Lansing Farmers Market is sub-committee of GLAD, a 501? 3 nonprofit corporation, with limited financial resources. It has purchased a comprehensive general liability policy to protect everyone who participates in market events against accidental injuries. The policy does not cover product liability, and each food vendor is advised to purchase insurance to cover that risk.

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