Doc Watson Day - Free Concert - June 15th at 4pm

Doc Watson Day Celebration

Join us as we celebrate Doc Watson with a free concert dedicated to his memory

Doc Watson, a 7-time Grammy Award winner, lived in Deep Gap, NC, and was a frequent visitor to Boone and the Jones House during his lifetime. A musical legend, Doc inspired generations of musicians during his lifetime with his flat-picking style. Blind since childhood, Doc wished to be remembered first as a member of the community as a husband, father, grandfather, and a participant.

On Friday, June 24th, 2011, a life-sized bronze statue of Doc was unveiled in downtown Boone, on the corner of W. King St. and N. Depot St. When asked about the idea of a statue of his likeness being installed in downtown Boone, Doc said it would be okay, as long as a plaque accompanied it, reading, "Just one of the people."

On the day the statue was unveiled, the Town of Boone and then-Mayor Loretta Clawson decreed the third Friday in June as Doc Watson Day. Ever since that day, Boone and the Jones House have celebrated his memory and influence with a free concert on the Jones House lawn on Doc Watson Day. 

This year, we'll celebrate Doc's memory with the help of Jeff Little, Jack Lawerence & Patrick Crouch, Charles Welch, Jay Brown, Presley Barker, and Brooks Forsyth on June 15, 2018, at 4:00 PM

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