Blue Ridge Parkway Trails

A journey on the Blue Ridge Parkway offers motorists spectacular views of Southern Appalachia's diverse beauty. The Parkway, for 469.1 uninterrupted miles, displays blue-misted mountains, cascading waterfalls, rolling pasture, and gorges banked with wildflowers. The Parkway offers hikers of all skill levels the opportunity to explore more than 100 varied and intriguing trails in North Carolina and in the Blue Ridge Mountains Virigina. Meandering alongside and crossing the scenic motor road, the trails provide a close-up look at some of the most beautiful wilderness in the country. Many trails wind their way through unique biological and geological environments. Others lead to historic sites with stories of how people have shaped our heritage. Many parkway trails continue onto Forest Service and private land. Please respect all these lands and treat them with care. Parkway trails are pet friendly. You can find more information out by going to


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