Blue Ridge Parkway License Plates

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, North Carolina now has over 6 million registered automobiles. About 23,000 have Blue Ridge Parkway license plates generating $502,160 for the Parkway in 2007. Those funds are being used to assure the beauty, natural and cultural resources, and history of the Blue Ridge Parkway are nurtured today and into the future.

And, although it is currently the state's most popular plate, the Foundation has plans to get even more out onto the roads. "We have a great opportunity to grow the number of Blue Ridge Parkway tags on the highways of North Carolina." says Hobie Cawood, Chair of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation board of directors. "Knowing that you are making a lasting contribution to the Parkway and helping to protect the scenic quality as well as wildlife habitat is reason enough to proudly display a tag, but it also says something about who you are, and what you care about. When I see a car with the Blue Ridge Parkway license plate, I feel like I am seeing a friend."

Motorcycle owners can now also participate in the North Carolina specialty plate program but only by applying directly to the Foundation. There are more than 105,000 motorcycles registered in North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Parkway is a premier riding destination in the United States. "We need at least 300 applications in-hand to submit to the state." says Houck Medford, Executive Director of the Foundation. "We know enthusiasts love the Parkway, we just need them to demonstrate their support by getting a Blue Ridge Parkway plate".

Projects being funded by license plates must meet criteria set by the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation board of trustees. Projects must provide a margin of excellence, enhance the visitor experience, and be of lasting value. Parkway projects approved for 2008 include land acquisition funds, historic preservation initiatives, roadside viewing deck construction, educational outreach, support of the small grants program, and water quality enhancement.

In addition to funding from the NC specialty license plate program, many individuals and foundations contribute to the Foundation each year. For generations people have visited the Parkway to be inspired, soothed, awed and enlightened. Those who have journeyed as children often return now with children and grandchildren of their own.

The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation understands the power of this extraordinary environment that connects the spirits of countless people with nature through a twisting ribbon of mountain road. From one person to another, one generation to another, the journey of the Parkway is a journey worth taking and protecting. The North Carolina license plate connects all the people who agree. To order a license plate or for more information you may visit or call 336.721.0260.

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