Not Sure Where to Shop This Holiday Season? Shop Local!

From Ashe Mtn TImes

by Jesse Campbell

Before you start 'Down the Mountain' this holiday season to either do some last minute Christmas shopping or take advantage of the day after Thanksgiving sales, local business owners encourage all bargain hunters to instead shop locally to not only find the best deals around town but also support our small businesses.

With brightly illuminated Christmas lights and decorations guiding shoppers to Jefferson Avenue like the North Star, customers will find an array of gifts and seasonal wares that will bright up the holiday season for that special loved one.

From antiques, collectibles, hand brushed paintings to a multitude of styles of clothing and jewelry, downtown West Jefferson will satisfy any taste for not only the holidays but throughout the year.

Be sure to check out intricate little knick knacks and crafts at Sally Mae's Emporium, rugged outdoors gear at Mountain Outfitters or an endless line of Christmas decor at 'Tis The Season for all things holiday year round. The Hobby Barn and Year Around Sports is your one stop shopping experience for hobbies as well as equipment for traditional and extreme sports. There are also a handful or antique stores located in and around downtown for walks down memory lane or to relish in the relics of the past.

West Jefferson is also known as home to a wide array of diverse eateries and restaurants including Mexican, Italian, Japanese and even good ole fashioned country cooking to mark the perfect end to a long day of shopping.

Although the fall season for the Ashe County's Farmer Market, located on the Backstreet of West Jefferson, is slowly winding down, the local bazaar will reopen for the Holiday Season (Nov. 26-27 and Dec. 4) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a plethora of locally crafted gifts and home made arts.

And business owners aren't the only ones who are vouching for small business owners, like in the case of Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cabot Hamilton.

"The Ashe County Chamber of Commerce strongly encourages everyone to shop locally in Ashe County during the Holiday Season," Hamilton said. "Remember, the businesses in Ashe County are owned and operated by our friends, relatives and neighbors.

"Money earned in Ashe County and spent in Ashe County stays in Ashe County."

For a list of local merchants and a map of businesses, along with a calendar of events, contact the West Jefferson Business Association or the Ashe Chamber at (336) 846-9550.

Also, don't forget to hit up the local shops and eateries in the neighboring townships of Jefferson and Lansing, which are home to some of the Ashe County's best kept secrets for shopping and dining out. Not to be left out in the cold this winter season, other businesses outside of the county's major municipalities are also working hard to draw-in new customers for their niche offerings, located throughout the county.

The decision to shop locally this holiday season, could result in a merrier Christmas for everyone considering the big savings customers will see from less travelling and all the competitive prices to be found downtown.

And besides, chances are that you have already got the tree from Ashe County, so why not get the presents that go under it here too?

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